Colorado Fall festivals & eventsColorado Fall festivals & events include things to do like concerts, October festivals, leaf peepin', Halloween, football, baseball, basketball and so much more that takes place right here in Colorado. A Colorado fall may be the best time to visit or get out and soak up everything Colorado has to offer. Here's the EiC guide to Colorado Fall festivals and events to help you plan a weekend you may never forget. For the Fall guide, we'll start the day after Labor Day and run it until the day before Thanksgiving. You can see Colorado Fall festivals and events happening this week during the Fall below or see 'em 'all right here

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See lodging, events, weather, maps and things to do by area: Popular Fall areas: Denver, Copper Mountain, Summit County, Breckenridge, Alamosa County, Boulder (See the list of all Colorado areas)

Popular places and drives in Colorado to view Fall colors (Leaf Peeping) On your way to a Colorado Fall festival & event, here's some great detours to soak in the colors and do some leaf peepin'. Fall colors start peaking at 10,000 feet around mid-September thru the first part of October. Resort towns at 7000 to 10,000 feet start to peak towards the end of September and go thru mid-October. The front range up to the foothills (5000 ft to 7000 ft) usually start in October and go through the first part of November.


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    Submissions are being accepted for the fall guide. Events and things to do taking place Sept. 5 to Nov. 22. Halloween, haunted houses, Oktober festivals, leaf peepin' and whatever else is going on. Submit events to shibleyjeff@gmail.com. Wanna really get you events infront of people? Learn how to advertise here.

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