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About Us

The state of Colorado is known as a top destination for vacationers from around the world. In 2012, overnight visitors spent $17 billion on lodging, dining, activities and attending events. Vacationers are attracted to the state by the beauty, skiing, numerous activities and climate - whether it be summer or winter. Colorado is also saturated in events of all sorts that augment the beauty, culture, resorts and active lifestyle. Most Colorado residents are here to enjoy these activities every day and Eventsincolorado.com is the most complete events listing website of things to do in Colorado that you can find on the web. But, we reserve the right to list only cool and exceptional events. EIC Media promotes Colorado events through the eventsincolorado.com, social media and enewsletters.

Jeff Shibley – Administrator


My name is Jeff Shibley and thank you for visiting my little blog website Eventsincolorado.com. I've been in the entertainment business in one way or another since I was 14. While working for my dad at his night club, I got to know multiple musicians who played at his bar. I spent a lot of time as an admirer. I was mesmerized watching them perform and practice. One of these musicians, Keith Smith, bought me my first drum set and that set me on my way to rock stardom. From 1985 to 1995, I published the alternative magazine, The Note, and provided in-depth coverage of the Midwest music and entertainment scene. During that same period, I promoted concerts, was a band talent agent and manager and provided a weekly column for Pitchweekly in Kansas City about the area music scene. In 1999 I had my fill of musicians and the music business and was ready to step away. I took a couple years trying to figure out what I'd do to fill the time. I decided to to pursue my passion of skiing so I moved to Colorado and landed a job in the vibrant Colorado tourism industry assembling marketing programs for businesses and communities and administrated the travel website coloradoinfo.com.

“I noticed that there is a huge demand from travelers and residents to know about cool and exceptional events in Colorado. Events like festivals, concerts, rodeos, sporting events and more that are take place every day in their area or very close to their area. Eventsincolorado.com is the most comprehensive event listing website for the state of Colorado and more and more people are visiting every day.”

Once you’re in Colorado, most communities are only a few hours away from each other and everyone knows that if an event tickles your fancy, you’ll drive to get to it. Finding a comprehensive list of events by category and area in an easy to find format used to be difficult without visiting several different websites.

Eventsincolorado.com is a work in progress. The site has moved forwards, backwards and sideways since its birth in 2013 and the new technology continues to be developed in an effort to make the site better. There’s no doubt we could use your feedback and if you’re interested, your help to make the EIC Media bundle better.

Help Wanted

Eventsincolorado.com is highly active in social media, ranks high in Google search for Colorado events and has more plans for expansion and development on the horizon. To get there, EIC Media is in need of entry level writers, photographers and designers (print and web) who are looking to enhance their resume with real published clips, photos and designs.

Writers & Photographers – Share your experience with readers about Colorado’s many events. Review, preview, interview and photographs artists, venues, communities and activities.

Designers – House ads, concert ads and  done in flash or as jpegs Bring your talent to the table and help us look better. Everything that’s presented is on the table.

These positions are open to people who want to expose their talent and passion for music and Colorado. This is fun and EIC Media credentials can help start or develop your passion.


EIC Media believes advertising agreements are partnerships. When you advertiser with us, you are getting the full resources of our eventsincolorado.com, social media and newsletters. And it’s very affordable.