HauntedColorado is haunted by many spirts who haven’t moved on. The most famous haunted Colorado building is the Stanley hotel in Estes Park where Night Spirit Tours take place every day. The town of Breckenridge is well known for it’s ghost filled buildings and every night a ghost tour with spooky tales takes place in downtown. Other mountain towns known to be inhabited by spirits include Cripple Creek, Central City, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Canon City and more. Denver’s popular haunted buildings include the Brown Palace Hotel and the Molly Brown House. Formerly a graveyard, Cheeseman Park is also known as a haunted Colorado place. 

During the Halloween season (October), numerous haunted Colorado houses, forests, mine tours, train rides and horror movie festivals spring up around the state. Many follow real life themes of Colorado carnage, injustice and tragedy. The spirits remain forging their quest to avenge their untimely deaths. For those whose hearts are pure, there are plenty of other Halloween events around Colorado to keep you entertained without having to fear heart stopping terror.

Yes, Colorado is so popular the ghosts either don’t want to leave or come here to be with their fellow spirits.

Many Colorado haunted houses start opening in September as the state starts Halloween and fall celebrations of all types. Others are open year around. There are several Halloween oriented Colorado haunted houses throughout the state and our top picks are listed below. These haunted houses provide a directed tour taking fearful souls through hallways and rooms that come alive with theatrical hi-jinx certain to scare the bejesus out of anyone.

      There are other Colorado haunted houses and places that don’t care when Halloween takes place. They stay haunted year around thanks to real spirits that don’t cross to the other side and stay in Colorado. These places are filled with historical lore and the right guide can help what was come alive with stories sure to scare anyone. See what haunted house events are taking place this week below or click here to see all the haunted house events coming up.

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