Colorado Historical eventsColorado historical events are plentiful and colorful. The state is ground zero for the wild west, the gold rush, Native American country, military training and pre-historic creatures. Over the years, Colorado captured the souls and spirits of numerous pioneers who either found what they were looking for or fell victim to the harsh elements that are hard to believe exist in such a beautiful and spectacular place. Abandon ghost towns are scattered around the state and each community has a museum celebrating local events that bring the past alive. Colorado keeps history alive with celebrations like Boom Days in Leadville, Buffalo Bill Days in Golden, and noon time lectures at the historic town park in Frisco. Many museums around the state also have free admission day and you can isit this page to see those too!.

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Week of February 19, 2018

Egypt - Gift of the Nile
May 05 - Jun 17
Be the Astronaut
Dec 18 - Mar 31
Feb 16 - Jun 24
Feb 16 - Dec 31
Children's History Hour - Exploring the Past with our Five Senses
Feb 21
Children's History Hour - xploring the Past with our Five Senses
Feb 24

Week of February 19, 2018