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Leap YearLeap Year gives us one more day… we’ve all wished, prayed and hoped for the miracle of more time. One more day to spend with someone you love. One more day to rest. One more day to meet a deadline. One more day to pursue a passion. One more day to live. Just one more day to do everything you didn’t do the other 365 days of the year.    Since the beginning of time we have counted and tracked the days. The Bible says God took 6 days to create the earth and rested on the 7th. Imagine what God could have done with one more day.

2020 is Leap Year – How Much Difference will an Extra Day Make to You? 

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” -Muhammad Ali
      Leap year was put into the Roman calendar by Julius Cesar in 46 BC.  It takes 365.2425 days a year for the earth to rotate around the sun. So, every four years, a day is added to the calendar to synchronize it with the astronomical calendar. If an extra day wasn’t added every four years, the calendar would eventually get completely out whack and New Year’s Eve would take place during the summer.
      Julius Cesar’s Roman calendar still records our busy lives 2000 years later. That’s more than 500 extra days (for better or worse) thanks to Leap year. Don’t want to wait for Leap year to get an extra day? Need more time now? Look to Chronos (Greek God of time), Father Time himself or God to bend your calendar and deliver the time needed. This is where he miracle part comes in. I’ve prayed for more time… and my prayers were answered.
      In 1973, I was 11 years old when my parents put me on a plane with my grandfather to visit his homeland of Lebanon. At first, I was confused and frightened. I wondered what I did wrong to deserve banishment from my home and family. After a few months of living in Lebanon, I fell in love with my grandfather’s home and family I just met. I discovered a new home, a new life and didn’t care if I ever went back to Kansas. But my mom would want me back and our inevitable departure was scheduled. I was crushed. I’d soon be leaving the place and the people I fell in love with. Days before it was time to go, I cried and prayed with all my heart for God to give me one more day in Lebanon - I wasn’t ready to go. The day before it was time to leave, my grandfather ended up being too sick to travel (or so he said), and our departure was postponed for two weeks.
      I remember driving to the airport on the day it was finally time to leave. My Lebanon family knew how distressed I was about leaving. They were worried. There was no reason to worry though. I had a huge smile on my face as we boarded the 747 for our trip home. I got more time to be with my Lebanese family and a country I had fell in love with - one more day after that couldn’t make things any better.
      How much difference can a day make? In my case all the difference on the world. I was able to solidify closure with people I’d never see again. I was able to run through the streets of Beirut, swim in the Mediterranean and hike through the mountains of Bdadoun one more time.
      So, what will you do with your extra day this Leap year? Whether it’s a minute, hour, day, month or year, any “time” is a gift.  More time is a miracle worthy of a joyous leap. February 29 usually comes and goes with little recognition. Many spend their extra time living to fight another day, struggle with the same ills, battle the same demons and complain about the same things. It’s easy to fall into a routine where the days are taken for granted. But an extra day can change everything (for better or worse). Celebrate your extra day with fanfare, a parade, fireworks and at least a joyous leap. See leap day concerts and events in Colorado here

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