Frozen Dead Guy Days

Start Date:
March 8, 2019
End Date:
March 10, 2019

It’s a long story how this festival came about, but it involves a dead guy, Bredo Morstel, whose body is stored on dry ice above Nederland (Cryogenics is for real). If you’re interested in hearing the whole Dead Guy story, you can see that here: So fast forward to today – Dead Guy Days is a fun winter festival featuring music, polar plunging, ice sculpting and a whole lot more.

What Happens at Frozen Dead Guy Days?
Over 30 live bands in 3 Super Tents
Coffin Racing
Costumed Polar Plunging
Parade of Hearses
Frozen T-shirt Contests
Frozen Dead Poet Slam
Icy Turkey Bowling
Snowy Human Foosball
Blue Ball (3 live bands)
Ice Queen & Grandpa Costume Contest
Brain Freeze Contests
Frozen Salmon Toss
Ice Sculpting Contest
The Newly Dead Game
“Grandpa’s in the Tuff Shed” Movie
Silent Disco

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